Bequia Estates Ltd.

Land for the soul .

Welcome to Paradise

Bequia, part of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, is that one last place in the Caribbean that's untouched - a paradise free of modern day hustle, bustle and distraction.  Its beautiful, pristine beaches, swaying palms and blue water will captivate and mesmorize you. If you are looking for somewhere to build your home that's away from big scale resorts and shopping malls, and would prefer to be on a pristine island with friendly people and an unhurried lifetstyle, Bequia is the island for you. And, Bequia Estates has land for you to chose from. Contact us today! 


why bequia estates?

Bequia Estates Ltd. was begun in the mid-80's, and is located 500-600 feet up on a hill just west of Mt. Pleasant, with views overlooking Friendship Bay and the Grenadines to the South, and Port Elizabeth and the Caribbean Sea to the Northwest.

Several plots are on offer, the smallest being approximately .6 acre, the largest being just over 2 acres.  The property is not designed to pack as many homes in as possible, but rather offer views and solitude without being right on your neighbor.

We are here to promote Bequia in general, and hope you'll take a look at the land on offer to build your dream home.  Enjoy!

If you'd like more info about Bequia or Bequia Estates, please contact us below.  Thank you.